Our purpose

We are on a mission to redefine the energy landscape, drive the nuclear industry forward, and empower societies to embrace a sustainable future.

Did you know?

The safest and most cost-effective way to harness nuclear energy is by generating low-temperature heat

Key facts:

  • Over 60 million Europeans rely on district heating to warm their homes

  • 75% of EU district heating systems still rely on fossil fuels

  • The majority of low-temperature industrial processes utilize gas for heat generation

By delivering carbon-neutral heat to homes, offices, and industrial applications, we can significantly reduce carbon footprint, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and eliminate the burning of fossil fuels.

What we offer


1 - Advanced heating plants

We combine the efficiency of the manufacturing industry with our innovative nuclear engineering solutions to introduce zero-emission heating plants to the market by 2030.


2 - Reliable services

Partnering with us grants you access to clean, efficient, and reliable nuclear heat without the need for in-house nuclear plant operations.

Our solution

Revolutionizing the energy landscape with carbon-free technology

At the core of our solution lies the LDR-50 nuclear reactor, which operates at low temperatures and pressures. This groundbreaking technology ensures investable, safe, and emission-free heat production at significantly lower temperatures and pressures compared to traditional nuclear reactors. Our compact and secure plants can be located near urban areas.

"Our visionary approach combines the efficiency of the manufacturing industry with advanced nuclear engineering solutions, enabling us to bring zero-carbon heating plants to the market at a highly competitive price. We stand out with our robust and simplified technology."

Tommi Nyman
CEO of Steady Energy

Our heating plants can be located underground

Key milestones

We will proceed step by step, building commitment and confidence among stakeholders. We will begin with research and development, followed by engineering and construction of the first plant. Our goal is to start the first plant and scale up to industrial production by 2030.

Decision on R&D pilot plant investment

Safety demonstration experiments with R&D pilot plant

LDR-50 plant ready for technology assessment

Decision on the first commercial plant investment

Preparation for submitting the construction license

By 2030

First commercial plant in operation